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Put a stop to the cholesterol and the kilos in surplus without medication (Unit 3)!

Is the wine your antagonist?
It was in fact demonstrated that with moderate amount all the wines exert an analogue role with that of small quantum of aspirin by being opposed to the development of blood stones.

the food which contains bad fats: butter, cheese, bacon, lard, sausages, black roll, p�t�, sausage, pig meat, lamb, sheep, bullock.

Here is the list of foods containing good fats: olive oil, grape pips oil, oil of colza, corn oil, soya oil, fatty fish, lightened butter, vegetable margarine, margarine rich in sterols.

A remark: certain readers could be surprised by this propension for the olive oil, knowing that it is very caloric. A spoon of olive oil is not richer in calorie than a spoon of sour cream or a little peace of butter or a very small square of chocolate! But on the other hand, it is needed to have in mind that the olive oil is an anti-cholesterol fat, backward to the sour cream, butter or the chocolate!

wrong friends of cholesterol: oyster, egg yolk, lobster, crab, shrimp, liver, veal sweetbread, therefore all organs (meat offal), brain. But these foods are very good to lose weight.

The cholesterol black list: brain, meat offal, cheese, butter and cream.

the manner of cooking:
To forbid:
1. Stew cooking: Used to cook the fattiest meats, it is a method incompatible with diet program.

2. braising ( in French: braisage): it consists in seizing a meat, a fish or a vegetable in fat before cooking with little fire in a little volume of liquid. Exceptionally, this process can be used while seizing in the vegetable margarine, a margarine designed for this use.

3. Fry cooking: this process which consists in plunging the food in an ebullient oil bath is completely proscribed.

To use each day:
1.Grills: realized in an oven on grill position, an anti-adhesive pan, a grill on the table or a barbecue.
Advantages: one does not use added fat and fats are eliminated while falling under the grill. The anti-adhesive pan will be used for the lean meats and fish.

2. Cooking with vapour: you have to put down the food in an specific cooking instrument. The bottom is perforated above a stream of vapour.
Advantages: no fat is used. Can relate to all vegetables, fish, rice and fruits. A double superposition makes it possible simultaneously to cook food and their garnishing.

3. Cooking with water (to boil): this mode of cooking consists in placing food in a container full of water which one will make boil the time of cooking.
First gain: can be used for the cooking of all the vegetables, pasta, rice, many meats and all fish. You can add a little olive oil for the pasta. This method requires artifices to overcome the insipidity: rich court-bouillon for fish and preparation of a sauce accompanying the dish.

4. Cooking in pressure-cooker: the food is cooked in very little water at high temperature (till 120 degree Celsius) in closed and hermetic environment. This is the steam oven of the 2nd generation.
First gain: saving of time and energy, no any fat is needed, can be used for all kind of food except the pasta.

5. braising (in French: cuire � l��touff�e) or in a tagine: this way of cooking consists in placing varied foods in a bowl closed by its cover, on fire or in the oven at small temperature.
Advantages: no fat content. Allows to execute varied receipts by marinating meats and vegetables. That requires to well know times of cooking.

P.S. Sorry for the purist but to braise in English has two different meanings

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