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rabbit_food's Journal

It's not ALL rabbit food! :o)
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Are you tired of everybody joking that all you can eat is rabbit food?? Then let's prove them wrong!

Looking around, I was not able to find a vegetarian community that only shared recipes ~ not chat ~ so I decided to start one of my own!

Please feel free to post any vegetarian recipes - lacto-ovo, lacto-, vegan, etc. (In fact, vegan recipes are encouraged because they're harder to come by!) Please do NOT post recipes containing fish or poultry, as these are NOT vegetarian.

There are already plenty of communities for vegetarian related chat, questions, etc., so please limit your posts in this community to recipes only!

Thank you!

[Note from current maintainer: I accidentally removed the name of the community founder, pangaea23, from the membership, and have not been able to re-add it because the journal is inactive. If you are pangaea23, you have until the Second Coming to reactivate your membership.]